Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Floats

A friend of mine posted this idea on Facebook and it was too cute to pass up.  It makes a great gift for teachers, friends or maybe even your spouse!  I would have preferred to use white taffy, but could not find a store that had enough for the amount I needed to make this sweet treat....so I just used pink and red taffy.

This is what it should look like before you start gluing on the taffy...

Supplies Needed:
Glass cups  ...  any style or size...can be bought at the dollar store
Styrofoam balls cut in half (make sure you get a size to fit the glass you bought)
Pixy Sticks for the straw
Candy for the bottom of the glass (Hot Tamales, M&M's, Conversation Hearts, Sweet Tarts, Kisses)
Wrapped Salt Water Taffy (White would be preferred choice, but can do coordinating Valentine's colors)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Fill the glass with candy, right up to the top.  Make a hole in the styrofoam and slide pixy stick through.  Hot glue styrofoam half to top of the glass.  Hot glue taffy to the styrofoam ball in layers starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.  Very easy and a fun project to do with the kiddos!

Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. We made these for family night and they turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing.